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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dill O’Reilly supported gun confiscation

 I had to reprint this story from Gateway Pundit
 It  is good that we have as many people supporting and espousing Conservatism as possible,so when Dill does, I agree with him ,which is more often that not but Dill will let Rock Ribbed Conservatives down regularly,I still agree with something I read in the Patriot Post a long time ago;that he is a self aggrandizing  info-tainer

Bill O’Reilly interviewed Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oathkeepers, tonight. During their discussion O’Reilly supported gun confiscation during hurricanes. He told the Oathkeeper that his views on the Second Amendment were “extreme.” Bill O’Reilly stated clearly that any mayor – such as in New Orleans after Katrina – had a perfect right to confiscate guns because they had to maintain “control.”

Last I checked, the Second Amendment doesn’t mention anything about severe storms.
For the record, I support Bill O’Reilly on several of his positions. Not this one.
More… Glenn Reynolds added:  That’s funny. O’Reilly calls the opposing position “extreme,” but such gun confiscation is illegal under federal statute, and as a matter of constitutional law; in fact, the city of New Orleans lost a lawsuit over gun confiscation during Katrina. But then, O’Reilly’s no libertarian, to put things mildly. And he’s consistently weak on the law, also to put things mildly. Still, he should have been better briefed for this show, as he came across looking like a fool, and making his “extreme” guest look sober and well-informed by comparison.

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