"A democracy is two wolves and a small lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Freedom under a constitutional republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin

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Statement from a friend

Well, it's come to this. The growing momentum of Trump has made me realize that for my own sanity, it's time to go Galt, stop tilting at windmills and give up on politics. As a hardcore Tea Party activist since its beginning in 2009, I've spent countless thousands of hours and dollars fighting for fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and a limited, Constitutional government that answers to We The People. Now that we finally have a candidate like Ted Cruz, who articulates Conservative principles better than anyone since Reagan & has stood up for the Constitution and against the Left his entire career, he is being tossed aside for a crass, obnoxious jerk who disregards Americas ethics, laws and traditions. Sadly, the rise of the Celebrity Apprentice candidate signals the end of the last hope for the ideals we've been fighting for, the ones that made America exceptional. Donald Trump is the embodiment of every vile caricature the left has hurled at us over the years. In him, "Conservatives" are supporting a Manhattan trust fund liberal with three wives and four bankruptcies who boasts that what’s important is having a “young and beautiful piece of ass,” who loves Canada’s government-controlled health care, and who ridicules the American military as “never winning”, and I want no part of it. From the beginning, we Tea Partiers set out to fight the Marxists & Islamo-fascists on the Left. We quickly learned that we were also up against the crony-corporatists & elitists on "our side." For me, the last straw is knowing that we few crazy idealists now stand against many of those who embraced our movement, as well. So many of my comrades in arms in this noble - even if futile - struggle have succumbed to their basest instincts & allowed their anger at the GOP surrender monkeys to cause them to embrace this charlatan because they want to believe he will upset the D.C. apple cart. They are so mad that they have abandoned their principles and are ready to replace one narcissistic egomaniac with no regard for the Constitution or the freedoms we hold dear, for another. So that's it for me. I'm out. This will be my last weekly rant. 7 years of Tea Party activism just to end up with Trump is too much for me to bear. Time to hunker down & prepare for the inevitable collapse. I'll turn my attentions away from politics and focus back on my family & career. Perhaps I'll find peace by burying my head back in the sand it was in before my awakening in 2009, rather than the sleepless nights I now have lamenting the downfall of our country. I am not sorry for the struggle. It was a noble endeavor to try and return our once great Republic to the ideals that made her great for the sake of our posterity. I will always be proud of the battles we fought & grateful for the amazing people, friends & patriots I have met along the way. "People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard." - H.L. Menken

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