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Saturday, December 19, 2009

ESPN spews Glowbull Warming propaganda

Today ESPN broadcast the "Green Game" a college basketball game featuring two of the best men's college basketball teams: Kansas and University of Michigan.

Friends, the broadcast was shameful. Throughout the entire game the announcers, ESPN crew and college officials were focused on trying to shove down the viewers throats the hoax of climate change, featuring propaganda footage and biased commentary from the sports announcers declaring the need for Americans to reduce carbon emissions or risk devastation to the environment.

We need to speak out and have the voice of consumers who don't buy into this junk science to be heard. We have obtained the email addresses of 3 of ESPN's highest ranking executives. We need you to contact them ASAP and register your protest for their shameful climate-change propaganda:

President: George.Bodenheimer@espn.com

Vice president: rick.alessandri@espn.com

Programming Senior VP: Len.Deluca@espn.com

The broadcast took place the week that the Copenhagen Climate Summit is taking place - yet another propaganda-driven effort to impose socialistic government regulations and government-control on the economy (and on the actions of individuals) and using the hysteria of climate devastation as the means to advance their propaganda.

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